Bioeconomy Science Center
Forschung und Kooperation für nachhaltige BioÖkonomie

Bioeconomy Science Center
Forschung und Kooperation für nachhaltige BioÖkonomie

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Participating and Integration of Research Areas
AlgalFertilizer Algae delivering waste phosphorus to soil and crops    
AquaPro Using invasive alien aquatic plant biomass for bioenergy production  


 BEProMod Incremental multi-scale and multi-disciplinary Modeling of Processes in Bioeconomy  


 BiFuPots Bifunctional proteins for plant protection  


 BioBreak Enzymes for Biomass Breakdown      



Structural insights of biohybrid catalysts for polylactide synthesis

BIOExpresSPro Research and technology platform for the identification, production, secretion and optimization of enzymes  
BioSAF Carotenoid cleaving enzymes for efficient biosynthesis of Saffron    
CatIBs Catalytically active inclusion bodies: New carrier-free enzyme immobilisates for biocatalysis    
GLUFACT Gluconobacter-Factory: Strains and processes for stereoselective oxidative conversion of renewable carbon sources to industrial products    
InducTomE Induction of secondary metabolites in tomato by-products for extraction and economic evaluation of the model process  
MetEvo Metabolic evolution of microorganisms for the efficient utilization of carbon sources    
PectiLyse Activation of intrinsic enzymes for degradation of plant biomass side-streams      
P-ENG Efficient phosphate recovery from agro waste streams by enzyme, strain and process engineering    
PhytaPhoS Optimizing the Phosphorus Cycle in the Sugar Beet Production Process by Phytase Supplement    
PlaMint Investigate plant-microbe interactions to improve plant health and productivity    
PrimACs Priming-Active Compounds for Plant Protection  
RIPE Ripening delay of climatric fruits by peptides        
SPREAD Evaluation and development of energy plant Silphium perfoliatum L. as a source of renewable raw materials    
VariSurf Production of glycolipid variants for industrial application by smart genetic engineering