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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

INRES - Plant Nutrition | Universität Bonn


Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker

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Research topics and profile (related to bioeconomy)

The group is dedicated to the enhancement of crop performance by optimizing nutrient supply and adaptation to (abiotic) stress conditions and improving nutrient recycling in crop production. Its work comprises both basic research as well as development of application concepts. Research topics comprise:

  • Crop performance: influence of abiotic stress factors on water household, growth, and yield;
  • Effects of and adaptation to nutrient deficiencies: functions of nutrients; earliest metabolic and proteomic responses to deficiency and toxicity, effects on water household and growth;
  • Processes in the phyllosphere: translocation, transport, and solution processes, turnover and effects on water household, solute exchange and growth
  • Use of plant biomass for energy and raw materials: fermentation/biogas formation and nutrient recycling
  • Use of residues to close nutrient cycles and minimizing nutrient losses


Contributions to BioSC

Worldwide, agricultural productivity has to be raised annually by up to 2% per year to meet the demands of growing world population for food and feed, but as well for raw material (fibre, eventually fuel as well as industrial products like starch, bioactive compounds, pharmaceuticals etc.). This will not be achieved without adequate nutrient supply, as well as more nutrient efficient crops and a reduction of nutrient losses by proper recycling, considering e.g. dwindling energy and phosphate resources. The group thus addresses the following topics:
Plant nutrition and processes related to abiotic stress tolerance; nutrient uptake processes under adverse conditions; water-saving production systems; adequate nutrient supply; crop nutrient efficiency; site- and crop-specific nutrient supply; foliar nutrient application; novel approaches for nutrient recycling and purification of secondary raw materials; tropical and metropolitan agriculture.