Bioeconomy Science Center
Research and cooperation for a sustainable bioeconomy

Bioeconomy Science Center
Research and cooperation for a sustainable bioeconomy

BioSC young talent awards for interdisciplinary and academic excellence

By funding outstanding young scientists, the development and implementation of a sustainable bioeconomy is promoted early in training. To this end, young scientist awards are conferred in two categories within the BioSC reward system:

  1. PhD-Competence award

  2. Supervision award

The PhD-Competence award honors excellent performances by graduate students, whereas the Supervision award highlights outstanding supervision of graduate students. Membership in a BioSC core group is a prerequisite for participation in the competition.

The work recognized by the awards belongs to a wide range of interdisciplinary research from biochemistry, microbiology and engineering sciences. Graduate students develop different solutions that are highly relevant for bioeconomy in their doctoral work. In addition to the successful adaption of a laboratory method to smaller scales that can be used for the development of bioprocesses, other technical solutions that can contribute to the expansion of new processes of the “white biotechnology” have also been awarded.
Scientists recognized for excellent supervision are distinguished primarily by their motivation of students and graduate students for interdisciplinary work and encouragement to think beyond their own “field of specialization”. The selection of the Supervision Award winner was also underpinned by high quality of teaching.

In the first tender, winners of the PhD Competence Awards were rewarded with 5000 euros each and Supervision Award winners were granted 25,000 euros.


Prize winners 2014

Supervision award

PhD-Competence award

Dr. Dörte Rother

IBG-1: Biotechnologie, FZ Jülich

Heiner Giese

AVT-Bioverfahrentechnik, RWTH Aachen

Dr. Kerstin Schipper

Institut für Mikrobiologie, HHU Düsseldorf

Alexander Gruenberger

IBG-1: Biotechnologie, FZ Jülich


Thorsten Sehl

IBG-1: Biotechnologie, FZ Jülich


Pictures of the award ceremony while the 1st BioSC Forum at November 3rd, 2014 in Wuppertal