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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

HyImPAct Approach

The FocusLab HyImPAct is subdivided into eight different work packages.


HyImPAct Approach



HyImPAct Work Packages

WP1: Microbial production of aliphatic and aromatic precursor. Work package leader: Dr. Jan Marienhagen

A robust C. glutamicum chassis will be developed that enables the efficient utilization of a broad range of D-xylose containing feedstocks. This chassis will be further engineered by introducing different orthogonal biosynthesis routes towards all precursor of the target APIs and the resulting strains will be used to establish growth-decoupled production processes with minimal carbon loss.

(Core Groups Prof. M. Bott/Dr. J. Marienhagen, IBG-1 – Mikrobielle Biotechnologie, FZJ; Prof. W. Wiechert/Dr. S. Noack, IBG-1 – Systembiotechnologie, FZJ)


WP2: Synthetic (chemo-)enzymatic cascades towards selected API. Work package leader: Jun.-Prof. Dörte Rother

Synthetic enzyme cascades for the asymmetric syntheses of chiral 1,2 diols and amino alcohols with high selectivity and atom efficiency will be established. Further chemical modification of the gained amino alcohols in Pictet-Spengler-reactions will create a platform of diversely substituted tetrahydroisoquinolines, which will be screened for their pharmacologic activity.

(Core Groups Prof. W. Wiechert/Jun.-Prof. D. Rother, IBG-1: Biotechnology, FZJ; Prof. J. Pietruszka, Bioorganic Chemistry, HHUD)


WP3: Hybrid process for modular production of bulk chemicals and high-value compounds. Work package leader: Prof. Andreas Jupke

A demonstrator hybrid process will be developed that integrates the microbial production of required precursor with their (in-situ) separation, purification and final (chemo-)enzymatic conversion towards the target APIs. The main focus will be on the optimal coupling of the different process steps to maximize overall yields, titres and productivities.

(Core Groups Prof. A. Jupke, AVT – Fluid Process Engineering, RWTH Aachen University; Prof. W. Wiechert/Jun.-Prof. D. Rother/Dr. S. Noack, IBG-1 – Systembiotechnologie, FZJ)


WP4: Techno-economic modelling and evaluation of the hybrid process. Work package leader: Prof. Grit Walther

Detailed process simulations based on kinetic data will be combined with the aggregate information for optimal design of the hybrid value chains taking different combinations of sub-processes and alternative (co-)products into account. This will enable a thorough analysis of hybrid bio-based supply chains with regard to environmental impact and economic competitiveness at the very early pilot stage.

(Core Groups Prof. G. Walther, Operations Management, RWTH Aachen University; Prof. A. Jupke, AVT – Fluid Process Engineering, RWTH Aachen University)


WP5: Project management, dissemination and exploitation. Work package leader: Dr. Stephan Noack

The results of HyImPAct will be actively communicated to relevant industries, the public and to the scientific community to ensure their efficient dissemination and exploitation. All HyImPAct members will discuss further opportunities and seek cooperation with important European partners in the field of hybrid process development to establish the FocusLab as a leading bioeconomy initiative.

(Core Group Prof. W. Wiechert/Dr. S. Noack, IBG-1 – Systembiotechnologie, FZJ)