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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

Prof. Martin Lercher | HHU Düsseldorf | Computational Cell Biology

Research topics and profile (related to bioeconomy)

We aim to understand the organization and the evolution of metabolic networks in microorganisms and in plants. For this, we use mathematical models as well as genome and physiological data. Some of our current research topics are:

  • the distribution of nitrogen across the proteins involved in photosynthesis in C3 and C4 plants
  • the environment-dependent evolution of C4 photosynthesis
  • the organisation of processes involved in photosynthesis in CAM plants
  • the relative cellular investment into enzymes and their substrates
  • the role of pleiotropy and epistasis in microbial metabolism

Contributions to BioSC

Our work provides important theoretical foundations for the biotechnological optimization of plant and microbe metabolic systems.

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