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the education of young scientists is an indispensable cornerstone for a sustainable knowledge-based bioeconomy. Therefore, the Bioeconomy Science Center has been awarding the BioSC Supervision Award for outstanding achievements in the supervision of PhD students since 2014. Ten years after the founding of the BioSC, it was awarded for the first time on March 5, 2021 as the Christian Patermann Prize, dedicated to the founder of the knowledge-based bioeconomy in Europe. The namesake himself presented the prize to Dr. Michael Wustmans from the University of Bonn, whom we introduce in this newsletter.


The award ceremony took place during the 5th BioSC Symposium, which combined a review of the BioSC's tenth anniversary with a look at current and future developments. The contributions were opened by Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, Vice Chair of the International Advisory Council for Global Bioeconomy, and concluded by a high-level panel discussion with bioeconomy experts from industry, academia and ministries.


Also on March 5, 2021, the anniversary brochure was published, providing an overview of the results and developments from ten years of research, education and cooperation at the BioSC, which we present to you here.


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Award of the Christian Patermann Prize to Dr. Michael Wustmans

The BioSC Supervision Award was presented for the first time as the Christian Patermann Prize on March 5, 2021. The namesake, who is considered the founder of the knowledge-based bioeconomy in Europe, personally presented the award to Dr. Michael Wustmans from the Chair of Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bonn. The laudatory speech was given by Prof. Dr. Ingar Janzik.

5th BioSC Symposium: Looking back and looking forward after ten years of BioSC

The 5th BioSC Symposium on March 5, 2021 combined a look back at ten years of bioeconomy research since the founding of the BioSC with a look ahead to future developments and challenges. In addition to scientists from the BioSC, high-level guests from academia, industry, and ministries at the federal and state levels contributed to the event. With about 170 participants, the virtual event was well attended.

BioSC anniversary brochure published

The anniversary brochure, published on March 5, 2021, provides an overview of the results and developments from ten years of research, education and cooperation at the BioSC. It can be downloaded from the homepage of the BioSC homepage. The English version will be available soon.

Events and calls

Current information on events and calls can be found here.

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