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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

Boost Fund 2.0 projects since 2022

In the funding instrument BOOST FUND 2.0, successful content-related developments and topics in the BioSC (e.g. from the FocusLabs or Seed Fund 2.0 projects) are to be further developed. The Boost Fund 2.0 of Phase 3 is based on the BOOST FUND tested and successfully implemented in Phase 1, adapted to the orientation of the RESEARCH project part in Phase 3 (-> higher number of integrating research projects such as FocusLabs, smaller than these in terms of budget). The projects are open-topic and should take up concepts in science and research in the sense of a bottom-up approach.

The duration of the BOOST FUND 2.0 projects is up to 36 months with a maximum budget of 400,000€/year.




NewBIAS New Biochars for the Improvement of Agricultural Soils
SurfIn Surface Active Biomolecules for the Chemical Industry
P3roLucas Optimization of plant performance and products for lupin cascade use
BioPlastiCycle Transitioning bioplastics to the circular economy
NextVegOil Production of a sustainable and tailor-made microbial palm oil substitute from agricutural residues
MetaProcess Continuous, stable processes for the sustainable enzymatic production of chiral amino alcohols integrating downstream processing
MK-ScaLoop Towards an industrial-scale process for a biotechnological production of methyl ketones in a novel multiphase loop reactor
LignoTex Integrated Biorefinery for Sustainable Production and Processing of Lignin for Textile Application
Valor CO2 Gas fermentation with recombinant Cupriavidus necator for carbon-negative products
PepTechFruit Peptide-based technologies prolonging fruit durability: Fighting food waste with advanced biotechnology
OptiCellu A multidisciplinary approach towards the sustainable production of cellulose fibres
Eco-T-REX Economically Guided Process Development for Biobased Production of Monomers for Polymerization using Terpenoid based Extraction for Purification