Bioeconomy Science Center
Research and cooperation for a sustainable bioeconomy

Bioeconomy Science Center
Research and cooperation for a sustainable bioeconomy

BOOST FUND -projects

In phase 1 of the NRW Strategy Project BioSC, BOOST FUND projects were funded that aimed at further developing innovative research topics with a potential to significantly contribute to bioeconomic questions.

Project topics had to be selected in such a way that each project involved at least two BioSC research areas and two BioSC affiliates.

The duration was usually 24 months with a budget of a maximum of €800,000.




Participating and Integration of Research Areas
AlgalFertilizer Algae delivering waste phosphorus to soil and crops    
BeProMod Incremental multi-scale and multi-disciplinary Modeling of Processes in Bioeconomy    
BiFuProts Bifunctional proteins for plant protection    
BioBreak Enzymes for Biomass Breakdown    
BIOExpresSPro Research and technology platform for the identfication production, secretion and optimization of enzymes  
CatIBs Catalytically active inclusion bodies: New carrier-free enzyme immobilisates for biocatalysis    
C4-PSH C4 Plant Selective Herbicides: A New Approach to Combat C4 Weeds in Arable Crops    
EnZIP Enzymatische Zellwandmodifikation in Pflanzen zur verbesserten Biomassenutzung    
GLUFACT Gluconobacter-Factory: Strains and processes for stereoselective oxidative conversion of renewable carbon sources to industrial products    
MoRe-Plants Towards Alkaloids: Monooxygenases from Plants in Reaction Cascades  
OrCaCel OrganoCat plant & pulping combinations for the full valorization of lignocellulose from perennial plants from marginal land  
PectiLyse Activation of intrinsic enzymes for degradation of plant biomass side-streams    
PhytaPhos Optimizing the Phosphorus Cycle in the Sugar Beet Production Process by Phytase Supplement    
PlaMint Investigate plant-microbe interactions to improve plant health and productivity    
PNP-EXPRESS Discovery and microbial production of natural products from plants    
PrimACs Priming-Active Compounds for Plant Protection  
P-ENG Efficient phosphate recovery from agro waste streams by enzyme, strain and process engineering  
RIPE Ripening delay of climatric fruits by peptides    
SPREAD Silphium Perfoliatum - Resource Evaluation And Development