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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

SEED FUND 3.0 projects

The SEED FUND projects have proven to be a good format in phases 1 and 2. They offer the opportunity to develop new and explorative research topics on concrete issues within the overall concept of the BioSC. The projects are open-topic and are intended to take up concepts in science and research in the sense of a bottom-up approach.

The duration of the SEED FUND - Projects is 12 - 24 months with a budget of 200.000 €.



Viola Towards violaceines - a mutasynthesis platform for tryptophan-derived alkaloids
SSWEEP Solvent swelling to enhance enzymatic and microbial plastics upcycling
ToxPot Evaluation of the potential of utilizing potato-side streams for extraction of alkaloids
ProRNA Microbial production and apllication of ds RNAs as innovative bio-agents for new non-chemical crop protection strategies in agri- and horticulture
ScreenP Metabolic burden coupled phytase screening for sustainable phosphate recycling
PREDIG Modelling software to predict the enzymatic digestion of biomass