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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

Computational Life Science | RWTH Aachen


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anna Matuszynska

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Research topics and profile (related to bioeconomy)

The Junior Professorship Computational Life Science supports research and teaching at the Department of Biology in the field of mathematical biology and computational modeling. A major aspect of our program is the investigation of the dynamics of photosynthesis in the context of environmental research, food security, bioenergetics, and plant-microbe interaction.

We are currently focusing on the following thematic research areas:

  • photosynthesis regulation in the context of agriculture limitations
  • fluorescence models of primary production
  • organisms interaction
  • secondary metabolism and plant bioenergetic


Contributions to BioSC

With the focus on developing computational models in the topic of photosynthesis our work can directly support the goals of BioSC in the area of the development of model-based methods for product and process development.