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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

Synthetic Microbiology | HHU Düsseldorf


Prof. Dr. Ilka Maria Axmann

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Research topics and profile (related to bioeconomy)

The Institute for Synthetic Microbiology researches molecular regulatory processes in microorganisms influenced by internal factors like small RNA molecules or the circadian clock. The plethora of regulatory mechanisms mediated by RNA, we can use for designing novel RNA regulators and RNA-based metabolite-sensors. By implementing these synthetic RNAs into microorganisms, we are aiming at a smart, automated and dynamic control of signaling and metabolic pathways. Particular focus is placed on the engineering of cyanobacteria as a future host for sustainable biotechnology.

Current research topics include

  • synthetic microbiology, synthetic RNA regulators, metabolic engineering
  • cyanobacteria, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, RNA biology
  • circadian clock of cyanobacteria, photobioreactors
  • bioinformatics, mathematical modeling