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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy
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Focus Topic Area "Technological and Institutional Innovations as Drivers of Bio-Based Social Transformations"

The goal of an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable bioeconomy is to secure the prosperity of present and future generations within the planetary boundaries. This will only be possible with comprehensive social and economic changes. New goods must be produced using new raw materials and processes, but this can succeed only if they are demanded and socially accepted. The transition from a fossil-based to bio-based economy will take place only with substantial changes in, for example, consumption patterns, value networks, business mo­dels, infrastructures and regulatory frameworks.

Technological and institutional innovations are key drivers of such transformation processes. However, they must be accompanied by the analysis of potential conflicts of goals such as nutrition versus material use of plants, by the analysis of the competitiveness of new products versus established oil-based alternatives and by investigations of the social acceptance of new technologies. Thus, transformation pathways can systematically be identified that are at the same time a) desirable from the sustainability perspective, b) possible from the techno-economic point of view and c) acceptable from the societal point of view.

Project examples

Photo: Forschungszentrum Jülich/Sacha Kreklau

Transform2Bio - Integrated Transformation Processes and their Regional Implementations: Structural Change from Fossil Economy to Bioeconomy
September 2019 - August 2022

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Econ-BioSC - Biomass flows and technological innovation in the bioeconomy: A global scenario analysis
March 2015 - February 2016

03/15 – 02/16



Biomass flows and technological innovation win the bioeconomy: a global scenario analysis


Economics of Sustainable Land Use and Bioeconomy,
Technology and Innovation Management (U Bonn)

01/15 – 12/16



Efficient phosphate recovery from agro waste streams by enzyme, strain and
process engineering


Microbiology, Biotechnology (RWTH)
Systems Biotechnology (FZJ)
Technology and Innovation Management (U Bonn)

11/15 – 12/17



Induction of secondary metabolites in tomato by-products for extraction and economic evaluation of the model process


Botany and Molecular Genetics, Fluid Process Engineering (RWTH)
Plant Sciences (FZJ)
Horticultural Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management (U Bonn)

04/17 – 12/20



Advanced pulping for perennial plants: a holistic and sustainable integrated lignocellulose biorefinery concept



Plant Sciences (FZJ)
Botany and Molecular Genetics, Technical Chemistry and Petrochemistry, Fluid Process Engineering, Process Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation Management (RWTH)
Developmental and Molecular Biology of Plants, Plant Cell Biology and Biotechnology (HHU)

05/17 – 12/20



Combinatorial creation of structural diversity for novel high-value compounds



Molecular Enzyme Technology, Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry (HHU)
Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering (RWTH)
Molecular Phytomedicine, Technology and Innovation Management (U Bonn)
Plant Sciences (FZJ)

05/17 – 12/20



Integration of next generation biosurfactant production into biorefinery processes



Bioprocess Engineering, Microbiology, Fluid Process Engineering, Chemical Process Engineering (RWTH)
Microbiology, Molecular Enzyme Technology (HHU)
Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (FZJ)

01/18 – 06/21



GreenRelease for plant health



Biotechnology, Plant Physiology , Functional and Interactive Polymers (RWTH), Technology and Innovation Management, Horticultural Sciences,
Molecular Biology of the Rhizosphere (U Bonn)
Biochemical Plant Physiology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Chemistry (HHU)
Plant Sciences (FZJ)

01/18 – 09/21



Hybrid processes for important precursor and active pharmaceutical ingredient



Systems Biotechnology (FZJ)
Bioorganic Chemistry (HHU)
Fluid Process Engineering, Operations Management (RWTH)

09/19 – 02/21



Peptide adhesion promoters for user centered plant health applications



Biotechnology (RWTH)
Physical Biology (HHU)
Technology and Innovation Management (U Bonn)

09/19 – 08/21



Green toxicology for a green bioeconomy



Environmental Research, Microbiology,
Functional and Interactive Polymers (RWTH)
Microbiology (HHU)

09/19 – 08/22



Integrated transformation processes and their regional implementations: structural change from fossil economy to bioeconomy



Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation, Plant Sciences (FZJ)
Economics of Sustainable Land Use and Bioeconomy, Economic and Technological Change, Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems, Technology and Innovation Management, Agricultural and Food Market Research , Economic and Agricultural Policy, Production Economics (U Bonn)
Operations Management (RWTH)

07/22 – 06/25


New Biochars for the Improvement of Agricultural Soils



Renewable Resources (U Bonn)
Technologies of Fuels and Operations Management (RWTH)
Analytics, Agrosphere and Plant Sciences (FZJ)

06/22 – 05/25


Surface Active Biomolecules for the Chemical Industry



Molecular Enzyme Technology (HHU)
Applied Microbiology, Biochemical Engineering and Fluid Process Engineering (RWTH)
Technology and Innovation Management (U Bonn)

07/22 – 06/25


Optimization of plant performance and products for lupin cascade use



Plant Physiology (RWTH)
Bioinformatics (FZJ)
Bioorganic Chemistry (HHU)
Agricultural and Food Market Research (U Bonn)

06/22 – 05/25


Transitioning bioplastics to the circular economy



Systems Biotechnology, Synthetic Microbiology and Agrosphere (FZJ)
Bioinorganic Chemistry and Operations Management (RWTH)
Macromolecular Chemistry (HHU)

07/22 – 06/25


Towards an industrial-scale process for a biotechnological production of methyl ketones in a novel multiphase loop reactor


Fluid Process Engineering and Applied Microbiology (RWTH)
Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (FZJ)