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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

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Towards a sustainable bioeconomy

Successful lecture series at RWTH Aachen University: "Meet the Circular Economy - Sustainable Innovation in Practice" started the second round.

The lecture series "Meet the Circular Economy - Sustainable Innovation in Practice", held in cooperation with the Bioeconomy Science Center (BioSC) as co-organizer at RWTH Aachen University, successfully entered its second round in the summer semester 2023. In this event, students, experts and the general public gained insights into innovative concepts for sustainability and their practical implementation.

Under the direction of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sandra Venghaus, the course once again offered all interested parties a platform for exchange between companies, management consultancies and the academic world. Eight well-known companies and three management consultancies presented their pioneering approaches in the field of sustainability and shared their experiences in developing and implementing these concepts.

The event again met with lively interest and was well attended. The lecture was supported by the BioSC, the coordination office BioökonomieREVIER Rheinland and the Center for Circular Economy of RWTH. The announcement was made publicly via the Bürgerforum RWTHextern.

The sustainability concepts presented by the participating companies reflected a wide range of products and ideas:

The start-up keep it grün is developing a prototype for a device that garden owners can use to extract plant charcoal from their green waste. Plant charcoal promotes water and nutrient retention in the soil and also serves as a CO2 sink. The company is a member of the Werk X incubator in Bochum.

Allaoui Graphic Machinery has been dedicated to reconditioning high-quality used printing presses since 2007 and thus acts as a central life cycle manager in the industry. After being reconditioned, the machines are used several times and then serve as a spare parts store.

The start-up Ohemaa Green Housing has developed an innovative composite building block from recycled plastic waste and built the first model houses with it. This approach contributes to solving the need for low-cost housing and reducing plastic waste in African countries.

After six dates at which these and other exciting concepts were presented, representatives of the NRW Ministry of Economics and NRW Bank rounded off the lecture series. In their concluding lecture, they provided insights into political and financial framework conditions as well as funding opportunities for sustainable innovations.

The successful participation of students, subject experts and interested citizens once again confirmed the relevance and necessity of such platforms for knowledge transfer and the promotion of sustainable innovations.


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Photos: Forschungszentrum Jülich