Bioeconomy Science Center
Forschung und Kooperation für nachhaltige BioÖkonomie

Bioeconomy Science Center
Forschung und Kooperation für nachhaltige BioÖkonomie
SEED FUND Projekt FlowCom

Everything in Flow – New Compartments for Cascade Reaction


The project aims at synthesizing protein/enzyme-based active membranes to be employed in membrane modules for the efficient process control of aldolase-catalyzed reactions. This modular approach is based on the synthesis of protein-polymer conjugates, which form a thin nanoporous membrane via self-assembly at fluid interfaces. The membrane function is controlled via the protein/enzyme building block employed. Membrane stability will be introduced via the proper choice of the polymer matrix.

Participating Core Groups (CG)


Prof. Dr. A. Böker, Makromolekulare Materialien und Oberflächen (MMO), RWTH Aachen University
Forckenbeckstr. 50
52056 Aachen

phone: +49 241 80 23304


Prof. Dr. J. Pietruszka, Bioorganische Chemie (BOC), Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Prof. Dr. A. Spieß, AVT – Enzymprozesstechnik (AVT – EPT), RWTH Aachen University

Funding period
01.07.2014 – 30.09.2015

The total budget of FlowCom is € 149.039. FlowCom is part of the NRW-Strategieprojekt BioSC and thus funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bisterfelda, C., Küberl née Kullartza, I., Dicka, M., Pietruszka, J. (2015): A Fluorogenic Screening for Enantio- and Diastereoselectivity of 2-Deoxy-d-ribose-5-phosphate Aldolases. Synlett DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1560723

Dick, M., Weiergräber, O., Classen, T., Bisterfeld, C., Bramski, J., Gohlke, H. and Pietruszka, J. (2015): Trading off stability against activity in extremophilic aldolases . Sci. Rep. 2015